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Don't have the time or resources to build a website? With AI-driven tools, you can create a stunning website for your business with just one click!Pineapple Builder is an AI website builder designed for busy business owners. Its simple interface and AI technology make website creation faster and easier than ever before, so your site can be ready in minutes. Enjoy the convenience of hassle-free website making - let Pineapple Builder do the heavy lifting for you.Build your website in under 5 minutes.Add Business Details with the Target Audience, and let our AI create a stunning website just for you!Pick Design:We have +10M temple variations. To simplify the process, pick your starting point from 7 template styles.Generate AI Copy:Let AI work for you and create a custom landing page that matches your business and target audience with ease. Make the most of your digital presence and grow your business.Adjust your style:Adjust your website configuration to match your brand - Fonts, Colors, Button style, you name it. Generate your first section with AI assistant for free.Simple editor:Edit elements easily, drag and drop elements or pick and add new sections.AI Blog:Start blogging from your website and with just one click. With AI Assistant creating blog posts is even simpler and 3x faster.CMS Integration (Beta):Integrate your website with Airtable or use internal CMS to manage all your data.Everything you need in one place.SEO: SEO tags and social media checks provide the best search engine results.Custom domain: Custom domains that make your website stand out from the crowd and build your brand awareness.Analytics :Built-in analytics measuring your customer engagement. Quick integration with Google Analytics and Tag Manager.Blazing fast :Service runs on the fastest networks and best technology, so your users can experience your website fully.Fully responsive: Websites that look great on any screen sizeSSL Certificate: SSL Certificate and HTTPS that secure your visitors' information.

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